Control how much your phone bill is right on the iPhone, with the Consumption app

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After several days of waiting, the app finally arrived at the App Store Consumption, able to control your official expenses with the operator directly on the iPhone. It is the first compatible with a Brazilian operator.

For now it works only with Vivo, for post customers who have access to «Meu Vivo», but support for other operators is foreseen in the next versions.

Unlike other solutions, it does not try to guess how much real consumption the device has made. It connects, via the Internet, directly to the operator’s website, downloading official consumption data. Precisely for this reason, you can add more than one account on the same device, in addition to the iPod touch or iPad.

On the official website there is a short list of frequently asked questions, in addition to all the functions of the app. It costs $ 0.99 o can be purchased at the App Store (link). To learn more about the project, be sure to read our previous article.

ATTENTION: the success of this article was so immediate that the excess of connections temporarily left the Nyvra server down. The developers are already aware of the problem and are trying to resolve it as quickly as possible.