Control how much your iPhone consumes from your Wi-Fi network with the WifiMan app

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In times when internet operators are limiting up to Wi-Fi franchise, it is important to know how much our devices are consuming. There are applications that do this only with connections via cell phone, while those that control Wi-Fi networks are more unknown. And that is exactly what WifiMan does.

From the same creators as DataMan, this application records how much data you downloaded or sent using the local network.


At first, the function may not seem so useful. After all, it does not record all the consumption of your network (computers and other devices), only the specific consumption of the device. But finding out how much the iPhone (or iPad) consumes on the network can be useful to better configure it and even turn off functions that use the internet without even knowing it. It is a way of saving money.

Another interesting use is to know how much has been spent on a given network, as the app is able to divide the records by connected network. For example, if you hire a limited Wi-Fi package at the airport while traveling, you can find out how much you’re spending. Or, if you like using the iPad function Personal Access of your iPhone, you have control of how much you are using your data network, since it considers the hot spot as a Wi-Fi network.


The tool has its audience and if you think it can be useful, try it out. It usually costs $ 3.99, but at the time of publication of this article, he was free for a limited time. Check this link and if you still have time, enjoy. ?