Control all your points / miles programs in one place with the Oktoplus app

Control all your points / miles programs in one place with the Oktoplus app

I am one of those who buys * anything * regardless of the amount on the credit card in order to earn miles. If the establishment leaves, I take my card out of my pocket to pay a bill of R $ 3.00 without the slightest problem, after all, the chickens fill the crop!

But in addition to the credit card, we have miles from travel, gas station loyalty programs, cell phone operator, etc. a lot for you to manage with your beautiful head, right? Well, the Oktoplus is there to help us!

Oktoplus app icon -Control your points

It doesn't matter if it's through the website or the app. You register, add several of the frequent flyer programs you participate in and voile! All the important information you find there, such as the number of miles accumulated, when they expire, the last activities (which made you accumulate miles), in addition to also offering data, rules and external links of such programs.

Another very cool feature of it: a flight search engine fully integrated with the airline's miles programs. In other words, through the website / app you can see how many miles you need to spend to make that trip and, moreover, comparing which of the programs you can travel using the least amount of miles.

I decided to test this beauty yesterday and added nine programs of which I participate. Two of them (All blue, from the Azul airline, and Membership Rewards, from the American Express card) are still “awaiting processing”. We will see if everything changes in a while I hope for this, after all the Membership Rewards today my main points program.

In my tests with the search engine, just out of curiosity I looked for flights from Rio to Miami with dates for the launch of the “iPhone 6s”. Then I compared the results of the search engine with those of the websites of airlines and bingo, the numbers hit perfectly!

Apart from this little setback with the accounts that are still not showing information and that not all the programs that exist are part of the Oktoplus catalog, it is very good to be able to look at a screen and have an overview of your miles / points. The search engine is also quite a resource!

I recommend it to plant neurotics.

(tip from Guilherme Mantovan)