Contrary to analysts, Best Buy CEO informs that Apple Watch sales are great!

Contrary to analysts, Best Buy CEO informs that Apple Watch sales are great!

A lot of people were skeptical about the sales of Apple Watch. As the company does not inform the number of watches sold in its financial events (as it does with iPods Macs, iPads and iPhones), we have to be content with analysts and researches that try to “guess” that number. But the truth is that most of this research was focused only on the United States and / or used methodologies for doubtful people.

Apple has always made it clear that watch sales are going well and this can be seen in the speed with which the international expansion of the product is being made. So far, few countries sell the Apple Watch and, with the exception of some stores that were part of the product's launch plans (Lafayette Gallery, Colette and others in Los Angeles, London and Tokyo), the only chain that is already selling the product The Best Buy.

Apple Watch for sale at Best Buy

And according to Hubert Joly (CEO of the American retailer), Apple Watch sales are really great to the point that he wants to make the product available in all 1,050 stores in the chain by the end of the year. The initial plan involved “only” 300 stores. until Christmas.

Apple, moreover, has an important role in restructuring Best Buy as a whole (which has been suffering from its financial results but, with some strategic changes, is managing to reverse this). The proof of this is the 740 Apple shops that operate inside the chain's stores and will undergo renovations, in fact, 350 of them are already ready and have more tables to display iPhones, iPads and Macs. Best Buy will also start selling AppleCare (extended warranty for Ma products), providing technical assistance services (in 50 stores, initially) and accepting payments via Apple Pay until then the network supported CurrentC, a mobile payment system which gives more control and access to customer information to establishments.

Apple stores undoubtedly offer a shopping and service experience that is hard to match; on the other hand, they are unable to meet the huge demand for Ma's products, especially in launches, and it is always good to have stores like Best Buy helping this flow.

Regarding the Watch itself, Joly's statements practically confirm that Apple is indeed holding on to the international expansion of the watch due to demand in the countries where it already offers the product. At least in the US, it seems that the pace of sales remains very strong.

(via Fortune)