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Continuity: SMS synchronization feature between devices will only arrive in October

We've talked a lot about the feature Continuity here in the MacMagazine. This is a major advantage of the Apple platform in relation to competitors.

Briefly, the resource has four pillars: Handoff (start doing a task on one device and end on another), iPhone calls that can also be answered on Mac and iPad, sync and send SMS on any device (Mac, iPad and, of course, iPhone) and Instant Hotspot (easy and fast sharing of the iPhone's internet with other devices). Cool, no? I at least think, a lot!

While iOS 8 will be released to everyone next week, we still have no official information on when OS X Yosemite arrives. As we can see, it is an important part of the resource, making the integration between mobile devices and computers very cool even though the Continuity integrations also work very well between iPads and iPhones, for example.

Continuity (SMS)

Send any type of message from any of your devices.

Now it's much easier to exchange messages with your friends who don't have an iPhone. That's because you can send and receive SMS and MMS right from your iPad or Mac. When someone sends a message from any phone, you can reply from the device that is at hand. You can also click on a phone number in Safari, Contacts or Calendar and start a conversation using your iPad or Mac.

The bad news is that one of these integrations, the synchronization and sending of SMS, will not be available next week, when iOS 8 is launched. Apple already put a notice in the American website stating that the resource be released in October perhaps with the OS X Yosemite.

(via 9to5Mac)