Contest that will find 4th mobile operator is already on the ground

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It is on the ground and the application period for the license for the fourth Portuguese mobile operator will continue until the 3rd of October. The competition rules, published in Diário da República, provide space to operate in the range of 450 to 470 megahertz and require candidates to make a minimum contribution of 5 million euros for the development of the Information Society and a security deposit of 250 thousand euros.

The result of the competition is expected to be announced in October, twenty days after the end of the public act that closes the application period, scheduled for October 6th.

The evaluation of the proposals received will be made based on the contributions of these proposals to effective competition in the market. Contributions to the Information Society will be the second most relevant criterion in the analysis, followed by the quality of the technical plan.

Barred from participating in the contest are Optimus, Vodafone, TMN and Radiomóvel, companies that already hold licenses to offer mobile services. ZON and SGC are companies that previously expressed interest in having a mobile license.

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