Contest asks schools for creativity in the use of technology

Contest asks schools for creativity in the use of technology

The initiative is called «Creative Community at your School – a class project» and its objective is to promote, among Portuguese students, the development and sharing of creative works supported by new technologies.

Proposals can be from any disciplinary area, as long as they involve the use of new technologies and «show creativity». The formats can go through the video, PowerPoint or Scratch, exemplifies the regulation of the initiative, promoted by the technological company Asus and the publisher Asa.

With the theme «technology, creativity and teaching», the works must also show «good practices at school» and propose «a technological model to follow», since the projects of the contest are intended to integrate an online sharing community.

The appeal is addressed to students from the 5th to the 12th year, who compete in three different levels depending on the cycle in which they are. The winning project in each step will be awarded prizes for the school, the responsible teacher and the students in the class.

Participation in the contest is done through the community website, where groups must register, accompanied by a teacher, and do the Upload work – in an area that will be available in mid-January. The projects are then put to a vote between 1 February and 15 March, the results being revealed in April.