Total App Store and Google Play revenue in 1H19

Consumption in the App Store was 80% higher than in Google Play, in the 1st semester

A new survey by Sensor Tower shows that spending on app stores rose 15.4% in the last year, reaching a whopping $ 39.7 billion in the first half of 2019. Once again, the App Store grabbed the largest share of that amount, with revenue from $ 25.5 billion.

Total App Store and Google Play revenue in 1H19

THE Google Play, in turn, raised a total of $ 14.2 billion, an increase of 19.6% over the same period last year. Despite revenue growth, the first app installs fell 1.4% in the first six months of the year, totaling 56.7 billion downloads.

The Apple, however, still has not managed to recover from the crash it faced in China at the end of last year (which has extended to the beginning of this year), when sales of gadgets in the country have been seriously affected.

Thus, even though downloads from the App Store have increased again in the past three months, to approximately 7.4 billion downloads, the drop in the previous period was enough to drag the advance in the first half of this year.

Total downloads on the App Store and Google Play at 1H19

Facebook remained on the Top 3 of the most downloaded apps in the world with its own app, Messenger and WhatsApp. The video-sharing app TikTok returned to fourth, ahead of Instagram, after the number of new users rose by about 28% ‚Äď despite the removal of the title from the Indian App Store last April.

As for the most profitable apps, Tinder got the better of it with a box office of approximately $ 497 million in both stores, followed by Netflix, with revenue of $ 400 million ‚Äď a significant drop compared to the profit obtained last year, when it decided remove the internal subscription option in your iOS app.

Spending on games, in turn, increased 11.3% in the first half, reaching US $ 29.6 billion in the App Store and Google Play. The revenue of the Apple store with games, specifically, grew 7.8% (US $ 17.6 billion), while Google saw an increase of 16.8% (US $ 12 billion).

1H19 games revenue

The most profitable title continued to be Tencent’s Arena of Valor game, which grossed more than $ 728 million (not counting Android third-party stores within China). Meanwhile, Sony Aniplex’s Fate / Grand Order moved up to second place with $ 628 million, taking the position of Monster Strike, which profited approximately $ 566 million in the last half.

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