Consumers prefer S5 over S6, according to report

Consumers prefer S5 over S6, according to report

S-line devices almost always achieve excellent ratings in surveys conducted through Consumer Reports. However, the latest survey by the institution found that Samsung customers still prefer the Galaxy S5 over the new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Check out the details in the article below.

Samsung's recent investments in screens and cameras seem not to have been enough for the new S-line devices to receive public attention. According to research, Samsung's characteristic DNA was lost with the arrival of new models. Customers point to dissatisfaction with the impossibility of battery removal and lack of microSD card slot, which differentiated the line premium South Korean compared to the iPhone. In addition to the lack of "anti-Apple" features, the Galaxy S6 is in the 50th position when considering system performance.

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 1 4
Users prefer the Galaxy S5 over the S6 or S6 Edge. / ANDROIDPIT

At the top of the list of top performing smartphones is the LG G4, garnering 78 points out of 100 criteria evaluated. LG's device fared better in camera features such as laser focus and RAW-wide images. The full Consumer Reports list can be accessed via this link.

What about, do you agree with the result of the report? Did the new Galaxy really lose their DNA?

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