Consumers more attentive to online transactions

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A survey conducted by Utimaco reveals that almost 70 percent of consumers are carefully analyzing the transactions they make online, a posture that denotes greater awareness of the dangers of Internet fraud.

The results obtained indicate that 62 percent of respondents think twice before buying an item in a store online that has had a publicly known security breach.

In addition, 49 percent of users do not believe that retailers go to great lengths to protect consumers’ personal data. In turn, 58 percent do not believe that their personal information, including their credit card number, is safe when they buy online.

Craig Bumpus, of Utimaco America, indicates that «Christmas» consumers have been hit by the magnitude and intensity of security threats online that affected stores like TJX, Shop & Shop and others «, something TeK published earlier this year.

To counter this trend, the official says that retailers will have to think of new strategies to ensure consumer confidence, ensuring security in transactions online.

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