Consumers consider Internet use safe

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A survey launched by the ITU reveals that 51 percent of Internet users consider the communications networks they access to be safe, including the Internet.

About 60 percent say they are comfortable with web browsing and electronic transactions and 80 percent consider the theft of personal information, viruses and digital espionage as the main concerns with regard to network security.

The lack of trust deposited in transactions on the network, lead even 64 percent of respondents to avoid carrying out this type of activity online.

The study released by Anacom found that 91 percent of respondents believe that the development of standards and best practices at the international level may help to reduce existing risks.

The ITU study was carried out using a questionnaire online 400 respondents and its main objective was to ascertain the level of confidence of citizens in electronic transactions, as well as their knowledge in the scope of cybersecurity.

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