Consumers can delay online Christmas shopping

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The traditional Black Friday, in which American stores expect large floods of shoppers who anticipate Christmas shopping, is warmer than usual this year. Mastercard’s figures indicate that consumers can delay purchases, not only in physical stores but also online.

The report released today points to the tendency to move shopping closer to Christmas, with the day after Thanksgiving not even reaching the top of one of the five highest points of North American purchases.

Likewise, Cyber ​​Monday – the «scheduled» day for the start of Christmas promotions online, a similar trend will follow, the same document indicates.

Last year, Black Friday did not live up to the expectations of traders, while December 23 was the busiest day of the year. Cyber ​​Monday was also far from tops with more purchases online, date that was carried over to the 5th of December.

Among those surveyed by Ipsos Insights for this Mastercard report, only 10 percent revealed they have plans to buy today online some Christmas gifts

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