Consumer Reports: temperature difference between the new iPad and the iPad 2 is 6.6 degrees

Consumer Reports: temperature difference between the new iPad and the iPad 2 is 6.6 degrees

Consumer Reports decided to check this story for the new iPad to get hotter than the iPad 2 and concluded that, yes, it really does get hotter.

IPad temperature test conducted by Consumer Reports

The circumstances of the test were as follows: iPad with Smart Cover, plugged in, with 4G connectivity turned off, with Wi-Fi on and at an ambient temperature of 22 degrees. So, they put the game Infinity Blade II to run for 45 minutes in a row and there was a lot of fun. The same test was done with the new iPad unplugged and with an iPad 2 (under the same conditions mentioned).

When plugged in, the new iPad reached 46.6 degrees; the iPad 2 was 40 degrees, ie 6.6 degrees less than the third generation tablet. As in other tests, the hottest area was the lower right, where the A5X processor is located.

For those who are already throwing stones at Apple, imagining a WarmgateIt is important to emphasize the comment below made by Donna L. Tapellini, responsible for the test:

During our tests, I held the new iPad in my hands. When he was at his highest temperature, the sensation was warm, but nothing particularly uncomfortable if kept for a brief period.

Honestly, I don't see 6.6 degrees difference as a huge problem. I find it completely plausible, given the internal modifications of the device (A5X, graphics quad-core, more powerful battery, Retina display, etc.). And, given the content of Apple's statement, all of this was already expected. Obviously, everyone draws the conclusion they want from this story, I'm sure a lot of people will speak ill of the new iPad and Apple, that's why.

It is also worth noting that the new iPad did not charge the battery while it was plugged in and running Infinity Blade II, in fact it even discharged. There is no use, then, playing a game (or running an app) that requires a lot of technical specifications of the device, with it connected to power. Since it will not load at all, play offline even better, as the maximum temperature reached is lower.