Consumer Reports crowns Samsung's Galaxy Buds compared to AirPods

Consumer Reports crowns Samsung's Galaxy Buds compared to AirPods

That the Airpods are a success in sales and user satisfaction, not a novelty, but for the Consumer Reports They are not the best options in the category of wireless headphones.

Recently, the magazine compared Apple's darling headphones with Galaxy budsfrom Samsung, and crowned the wireless option of the South Korean giant for a few reasons. The first one: performance.

According to the company, while AirPods do “decent work” in music and video playback, there are some “obvious flaws” in Ma's wireless headset:

A weakness is the bass. AirPods deliver the physical thud you get from percussive bass sounds like a kick drum, but the headphones don't have depth. The bass is there, but you miss the round, satisfying tone of the low notes. O mid range also has problems. Passages with many instruments mix, making it difficult to identify individual sounds.

As for the Galaxy Buds, the CR said “the bass is prominent and has a depth that AirPods lack”; In addition, the company claims that Samsung's option offers better midrange and treble.

In terms of design and fit in the ear, the magazine respects the fact that each user has their own preference. In this regard, while some may prefer the Galaxy Buds in-ear design, others will choose the more flexible style of the AirPods.

Most users will probably find that Galaxy Buds stay in place with no problems, and they come with silicone wings that open the inside of the ear for an even safer fit. Still, the fact that there are ways to insert it correctly in the ear may be uncomfortable for some people. This is all relative, of course. To me, AirPods are easier to maintain for longer periods of time, but other people I know find them less pleasant.

The test also praised the integration of AirPods with other Apple devices from the H1 chip, as well as the design of the charging case. THE CRHowever, it infers that the touch controls on the AirPods are more limited than those present on the Galaxy Buds, not to mention that when connecting Ma headphones to Android devices, for example, you can't change these controls like on iOS.

If you connect AirPods to an Android device, all you can do unless you use a third-party app to change controls, pause playback, and skip to the next track. On Apple devices, you can easily change controls, but are still limited to a single control for each headset. It's up to you whether you want to turn on Siri, play, pause, or skip tracks forward or backward. You can control the volume using Siri, but there is no option to adjust it by patting it.

All this culminated in the AirPods receiving, from the perspective of CR, a lower grade than the Galaxy Buds. Samsung's wireless headphones scored 86, while Ma's option was only 56 points; despite this, the CR recognizes that for many people AirPods may be sufficient.

In Brazil, the Galaxy Buds are available for $ 900, while the new AirPods (with recharge case) are sold from $ 1,350.

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