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Consumer pays $ 2,164 for a MacBook Pro shaped stone

Do you remember those rumors from the end of last year about an alleged "Brick" from Apple? For those who thought that it had to do with the new way of making Ma's laptops, know that you were very wrong. And a consumer in the state of Texas, in the United States, can prove it.

Ryan, as an identified, bought a MacBook Pro at a Best Buy store and, when he got home, here's what he came across:

The stone even came wrapped in bubble wrap! :-PThe stone even came wrapped in bubble wrap!

Best Buy claims (and Ryan confirms) that the box was sealed (photo below), so the problem would be Apple's. The credit card company also says it cannot help until the $ 2,164.89 is debited from your account.

Stone in place of MacBook Pro

Meanwhile, Ryan should find a good use for his new pet… very valuable, she already.

(Via: The Consumerist.)