Consumer electronics slows as the world economy crashes

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The weakening global economy will cause downward demand in the electronics sector, predicts Gartner. According to the consultant, in the coming months, it will be expected that electrical products for domestic and even industrial consumption will experience drops in sales, including semiconductors, informs Richard Gordon, an analyst at Gartner in a company report.

The recovery will only be visible in the second half of next year, when the industry will start to take the «reverse jump».

The impact of the home loan market in the United States, and even in Europe, coupled with the high prices in the energy sector, has been damaging the accounts of consumers, who are rapidly channeling their budget to goods other than electronics , stresses the analyst.

Personal computers and mobile phones are among the few products that have escaped the crisis largely because of the high demand felt in emerging countries like China, India, Russia and South America. It is, in fact, these regions that have saved and helped to maintain the stable numbers in those two sectors and even in terms of the sale of chips, at least in those used in that type of products.

Even so, according to Gartner, those regions will not be enough to sustain the market for a long time and, most likely, they will feel the effects of the recession and the global economic weakening.

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