Consumer electronics handled 1.2 billion euros in Portugal

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Last year, more than 1.2 billion euros were spent on consumer electronics in Portugal, a growth of 6 percent compared to 2006. The data from the O Observador Cetelem study indicate that the demand for consumer products TV / Hi-Fi / video grew by four percent in value and by five percent in volume.

LCDs were the equipment that gave rise to the highest billing, leaving traditional televisions behind. In the same line of demand, headphones, DVDs, mp3 players and mp4 players also stood out.

With regard to the telecommunications market, the billing for mobile phones registered a small decrease, both in value and in volume, which reflects the lower prices of products in this market. On the other hand, the products that generated the highest turnover were accessories such as headsets, memory cards and modems.

As for the national photography market, there was a special emphasis on the demand for digital cameras, which are responsible for most of the invoicing. According to the study, «computer stores continue to show a progression, while specialized photography stores continue to decline compared to the previous year».

Finally, the entertainment products segment, such as consoles and games, showed very favorable results with double-digit growth. All products recorded growth, both in value and in volume, with the software it was the product that generated the most revenue and films the most sold products.

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