Consult the consumption of your data plan and avoid running out of internet at the end of the month

Bagaimana cara mengontrol pengeluaran ponsel Anda dan menghindari biaya kasar dari operator Anda

Consulting internet consumption is not a simple task, whether for pre- or post-paid plans. Operators do not always communicate their customers about the consumption of the contracted franchise, causing the user to be surprised by the cut in the internet. In this list we have gathered the official alternatives of each operator for you to consult the consumption of your mobile internet.

Shortcut for consultation by operator

Claro – Consultation of internet consumption

Claro usually notifies its customers whenever the contracted daily, weekly or monthly package reaches 80% and 100% of the contracted franchise. But, if you are making excessive use of data, and want to keep a close eye on it, it is possible to consult internet consumption by accessing:

Remembering that you need to be using the data the moment you access Claro’s consultation page. In Wi-Fi, airplane mode must be disabled for the operator to identify the customer’s number and send the correct consumption statistics.

How to consult Claro’s internet consumption via SMS

  • Call # 1052 #
  • Answer with number 4 (Internet meter)

Claro’s mobile internet consumption consultation tool / © ANDROIDPIT

TIM – Internet consumption consultation

TIM offers several options for the user to consult internet consumption. The easiest option is to send a free SMS, however, in addition to this message, TIM offers the option to consult on the internet and also by calling the operator’s electronic call center.

With MEU TIM it is possible to register the cell phone number and carry out various queries, such as balance, contracted packages and internet data consumption. Registration is done on this page and the MEU TIM application can be downloaded through the Play Store through the button below:

MY TIMInstall on Google Play

How to check TIM’s internet consumption via SMS and call

  • Send a free SMS with the word CONSUMO WEB to 4141;
  • To see the internet consumption on the screen call * 144 * 5 * 5 #

TIM’s mobile internet consumption tool / © ANDROIDPIT

Vivo – Internet consumption consultation

Vivo offers methods similar to other operators to consult mobile internet consumption. It is possible to call the operator, send a free SMS or consult through the operator’s own app, Meu Vivo. You can download the Vivo app from the Play Store using the button below.

My Mobile LiveInstall on Google Play

How to check Vivo’s internet consumption via SMS and call

  • Call * 8486 and listen to consumption by electronic service
  • Send a free SMS with the word DATA to the number 1515
  • The alternative channel * 888 # also offers internet consumption on the screen

Oi – Internet consumption consultation

Oi is one of the companies that most differentiated the method of consulting internet consumption. It is possible to install a dialer on computers with Windows 7 or higher to receive an SMS notification when the user reaches 50%, 80% and 100% of the contracted deductible. You can download the Oi Mobile Dialer through this link.

The user can also consult the franchise by registering an email on the Minha Oi website, so the consumption report is sent to the user. With the registration made on the site it is possible to download the Minha Oi app on Google Play and consult the data consumption through it.

Minha Oi – Account, 2nd Invoice, Recharge and MoreInstall on Google Play

How to consult Oi’s internet consumption via call

  • You can check your internet franchise and general consumption by calling * 805

Why should I check my internet consumption with the operator?

Since the blocking of the internet after the consumption of the franchise was established by the operators, Anatel demanded that all offer at least two automatic tools so that the user could consult the internet consumption of their contracted plans and packages. Everyone must present the balance in value, contracted deductible and remaining data.

All of us, as consumers, must know these channels, regardless of how we control our data package, whether through third-party apps or through Android’s own data monitoring. Thus, we were able to better understand our mode of consumption and track data expenditure according to the contracted package.

Which operator is yours and how do you monitor your internet consumption?