Construlink presents online trading platform for public entities

COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award

Construlink today presented a trading platform online addressed to public entities, especially municipalities. This platform makes it possible to «computerize the process of purchasing goods and services, obtaining an increasing number of proposals for a given purchase and automatically analyzing the various tenders for tender», summarizes a statement.

Public Procurement results from a partnership between Instituto Superior Técnico, Teixeira Duarte and ONI Telecomunicações and starts with a six-month pilot that involves, for now, four municipalities: Vila Nova de Gaia, Setúbal, Beja and Porto. On the supplier side, the project has twenty thousand companies, from the most diverse areas, but Pedro Paulo from IST explained to Tek that in the long term this number is expected to increase since it is expected that each local authority adhering to the platform will bring its supplier base with it.

In the six-month pilot period, the objective is to test the negotiation and collect information on the savings generated, not only in terms of costs but also in terms of time, for example. For now, the only estimate that those responsible for the project put forward refers to the costs that entities can save by having at their disposal and a wider range of suppliers. This estimate points to savings between 2 and 20 percent.

Pedro Paulo also explained that Public Procurement «fits the National Electronic Purchasing Program [….] in accordance with legislation passed in 2003 by the Government and the EU Directive 2004 on the acquisition of goods and services by electronic means «.

The same official added that when the National Registry of Suppliers – which will identify the list of companies qualified to sell to the State electronically – the platform is completed, it aligns its database with this one, in order to guarantee the illegibility of its suppliers. .

For now, the rules in force for tenders apply off line in which it is up to each public entity to check if its suppliers owe debts to the state. Construlink maintains experience in negotiation online for more than a year since it has been providing the B2B Open Market platform.

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