Conspiracy: why did the iPhone 4 screws change?

O 9 to 5 Mac observed a curious thing this weekend: iPhones 4 that go for the warranty come back changed. “Like, they create awareness and start threatening users who do jailbreak? ” No, not such a change, something more subtle. The screws that hold the gadget together are changed, from Phillips # 00 to five-pointed Torx.

iPhone 4 with Torx screws

Only that there is a problem: the disclosure images of the smartphone always had Torx screws. And now? I am not a specialist in these things (for me, good electronics assembled and working), so I always resorted to helpful iFixit to find a light, in addition to learning a few things with Csar Moniz, from the MM team, and I hope I can count on your help. to better understand what’s going on here. Let's go?

Well, the first iPhones 4 did come with relatively simple screws to remove, as was noted in the teardown of the gadget. If it were a five-pointed Torx, we know, because the people at iFixit complain when they find such a child.

Only this matter came up now because they started to say why Apple made this change to prevent people from changing black iPhones 4 glasses and turning them white!

“Bitch please”, since when did any Ma gadget be sold with the promise of user-accessible internal parts? "But my product, I bought it, I can do whatever I want!" Yes, you can, but you bought it knowing that it had screws, seals and a guarantee that would be violated if you opened it: making access to parts of the product that the consumer does not need to access to use it correctly is not illegal. Overcoming these seals is also not illegal (Tinkerers, go wild!), but not something that every company that sells hardware encourages.

And if this change is happening now, it would not have been planned, as the images of the screws on Apple indicate? I suspect it may have been a matter of weeks after the launch, and if you doubt it, all the latest iPhones 4 must already have five-point Torx screws. It costs nothing to test the hypothesis, right? This is where you come in: whoever has an iPhone 4, tell me what type of screw and what week it was manufactured! To find out the latest information, look at the first digits of the serial number: the third digit indicates the year of manufacture (should be 0, 2010) and the next two digits indicate the week (27, for example, the 27th week of the year, or the one that started on July 12th). At least I think it still works like that, it doesn't hurt to try! If your device has gone to service, it is almost certain that it has been exchanged for a unit refurbished, then remember to provide this information as well.

Ah, of course, now the part where we took the opportunity to create a stir because of the Wii screws.

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