Connectivity and communication mark the behavior of teenagers SuperConnectors

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A new generation of teen SuperConnectors is permanently connected and in communication through various means, including cell phones, email, text messages, Internet, instant messaging and search engines. A study carried out in several countries and published by Energy BBDO reveals that these means are used in activities with friends and not simply for distraction.

According to the study, more than 56 percent of young people between 13 and 18 years old reveal this pattern of behavior in communication, remaining very active and concerned with what is going on in the world and their own future, what makes activists, creative and very adaptable to new situations.

The ability to perform several tasks simultaneously is one of the main characteristics of this generation where social networks have a very important role. “Young people still do many of the same activities that they did, for example exchanging notes from classes, but now they do it for several people at the same time”, describes Chip Walker director of account planning at Energy BBDO in a statement.

The GenWorld Teen Study report also shows that SuperConnectors are resistant to traditional advertising, with some of the most relevant brands being Adidas and iPod, which link young people to topics that are important to their lives.

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