Connection of broadband schools officially concluded (Updated)

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The broadband connection project for Portuguese schools is officially concluded tomorrow with the connection of the last school in the country to receive the update of its Internet connection using broadband technology.

In a statement, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education informs that the conclusion of the project will be marked with a visit by several members of the Government to the basic school of the first cycle of Oriola, in the municipality of Portel.

Included in the Connect Portugal program, this initiative is the culmination of a process that started in 1997 with the connection of schools to the Internet using ISDN technology and continued in the last year and a half with the updating of the bandwidth available to teachers and students, a process conducted by the Government of José Manuel Barroso, under the supervision of UMIC.

Portugal Telecom was the operator responsible for installing the network in the 8,300 schools in the country after winning a public tender launched by the previous Government.

To meet the goals defined in the project – which pointed to 100% coverage of schools – PT used ADSL and Pico DSLAM, a technology developed by PT Inovação that came to overcome the difficulties experienced in the middle of the process in getting ADSL to all necessary locations. Pico DSLAM’s ability to expand the signal resolved the issue and allowed the project to be concluded after some pressure from the tutelage.

In addition to the use of PICO DSLM, confirmed to TeK by PT and by Minister Mariano Gago in December, FCCN explained to TSF that in cases where it was technically perceived that the use of ADSL was technically unfeasible, «other systems», such as » four ISDN channels «

Editorial note [02-02-2006 11:51]: The news was updated with information released by the FCCN.

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