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If you have AirPods, then you must agree that the connection of wireless headphones to iPhones and Apple Watches comes very close to being «magical» (as the company’s campaign itself reported). But for those who also own a Mac, the bridge between AirPods and Apple computers is not always as fluid as on iOS.

Of course, even if not the same, the connection between the headphones and the Macs is just a few clicks away, either through the menu bar or through System Preferences; but imagine if there was an application that simplified this process on the Mac? It exists, and is called ToothFairy!

The app, developed by C-Command Software, helps when connecting not only AirPods, but any other audio device via Bluetooth (including peripherals, such as keyboards and mice). Natively, it is necessary to open the Bluetooth options – or volume, in the case of audio devices with the Apple W1 chip – in the menu bar and choose the gadget which you want to connect to the Mac; with ToothFairy, simply click on the icon you assigned for each device to connect quickly.

Devices connected by ToothFairy in the menu bar

In addition to improving the pairing process between wireless devices and macOS, the app also improves connection quality – primarily audio, by ensuring that macOS uses the AAC output codec instead of SCO in the app’s settings. The software also supports multiple connections if you have several Bluetooth devices.

As an alternative to the native macOS option, ToothFairy also offers shortcut keys to quickly connect and disconnect gadgets or wireless peripherals. In the case of AirPods or Beats headphones with the W1 chip, it is possible to configure them to avoid accidental disconnections when pressing hot keys several times.

ToothFairy settings

Ideally, Apple would improve the connection between AirPods and macOS to work as easily as on iOS, which would help (mostly) people who connect and disconnect their wireless headphones to Macs several times a day. As this hasn’t happened yet, ToothFairy is a very simple app but it does all of this very well.

The app is also available to Setapp subscribers.

ToothFairy app icon



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