Confirmed: WhatsApp launches applications for OS X and Windows

A few days ago, we reported that the Whatsapp could finally win official Mac / PC customers. Today, the company released the first versions of the app for OS X and Windows.

WhatsApp for OS X

Today we launched a WhatsApp application to be used on your computer. From now on, you have a new option to stay connected anytime and anywhere with your phone, desktop or laptop. Like WhatsApp Web, the application for the computer is simply an extension of your phone: the application mirrors the messages and conversations on your mobile phone.

Despite being good news, the app still needs the iPhone on the side for everything to work containing exactly the same way that current third-party apps do.

Through the app, we can create a new group, view the profile / status, the archived conversations and, of course, the settings (such as notifications, blocked contacts, etc.). There is also the option of forwarding messages, attaching images and taking a photo with your Mac / PC camera to send, view group information, mute them, clear the history and leave the group. As a great differential, we have the option of sending a document that is not yet present in some third party customers.

For those interested, the apps are available on the official WhatsApp website. 😉

(via Recode)