Here we go: Psystar officially appeals to Apple's US court case

Confirmed: Psystar will pay $ 2.675 million to Apple

<img class = "lazy lazy-hidden alignright size-full wp-image-72496″ title=”Psystar logo” data-lazy-type=”image” src=”” alt=”Psystar logo” width=”220″ height=”81″ />Further details of the partial agreement between Psystar and Apple were discovered later this afternoon, confirming that the amount to be paid by the clone maker firm Cupertino is $ 2,675,000. The money represents compensation for damage to copyright infringement, breach of contract and violation of US law applicable to the matter, caused by the sale of PCs with Mac OS X pre-installed.

Both Apple and Psystar accepted that the deal reached today only covered the lawsuit filed in San Francisco last year, that is, the case of the clone maker in Florida continues, at least until Judge William Hoeveler decides on the request made by Ma and close the case. The petition was filed by Apple last week and is due to be evaluated soon.

The two companies are also awaiting the outcome of an injunction request made by US law, which will ban Psystar from pre-installing Mac OS X on PCs permanently, in addition to preventing their participation in indirect actions of the kind. Judge William Alsup will still hold a hearing on the matter on December 14, apparently closing the case in the state of California.

(via Engadget)