Confirmed: Priority Messages in Gmail!

Gmail gains automatic message advancement option

That Gmail has one of the smartest anti-spam filters on the internet, there’s no denying it. The artificial intelligence of webmail, enhanced based on the behavior of its users, makes it have one of the lowest rates of false positives among its competitors.

Great! We already know that the vast majority of messages that reach our Inboxes are in our interest. But, among dozens of messages that are sent to us daily, there are always the most important ones. Whether from a supplier, a preferred customer, the boss or, why not, the girlfriend.

If we already have excellent artificial intelligence that helps us to stay away from what is no good, why not use it to separate the most important correspondences for the user? That’s exactly what Google did.

Ratifying the information posted by Renê early in the morning (first hand in Brazil!), Google has just confirmed the implementation of a new and very interesting feature to Gmail: Priority Inbox.

Through user activities, the Priority Inbox is able to understand which messages are most important to the user. Among the signals used by the system, are the contacts with which the user exchanges most messages, the messages that have been answered most often, as well as their respective subjects. Over time, as with anti-spam, Priority Inbox will improve, and getting more and more with the user’s face.

The option Priority Inbox, available in the left menu, is divided into three parts: the most important messages, the starred messages, and the other messages.

In the top menu, the user will have the buttons + or , telling Gmail which messages are really important to him.

The new functionality will be rolled out gradually over the next few weeks for Gmail and Google Apps users.

* With information from the Gmail Blog.