Confirmed! Nintendo Switch will receive FIFA 18 this year

Confirmado! Nintendo Switch receberá FIFA 18 este ano

The wait is over. Even before Nintendo Switch be launched internationally, the AND THE confirmed that the new Big N console will receive FIFA 18. As we have already mentioned in Showmetech, the company’s vice president said in an interview that he would bring one of EA’s biggest games to the video game.

There was still speculation as to which FIFA would arrive on the Switch, but over the weekend executive Peter Moore revealed it would be a customized version of the 18 edition of the game. If everything goes as expected, the game should be available for all platforms still in September.

This statement shows that in fact Nintendo has tried a little harder to have third party developers working to power the new console. Unlike the Wii U, the Switch already has more debut games and a hype much bigger.

One thing we will have to wait to know is what kind of customization the game will have for the Big N video game. Switch hardware compared to Xbox One or PlayStation 4 is totally different. There are likely to be some graphic and performance differences.

For more news about FIFA 18 it’s the Nintendo Switch, stay tuned here on Showmetech.