Conficker with no recorded activity

Conficker with no recorded activity

Those who feared an intensification of Conficker’s activity today, April 1, after the warnings issued by security companies last week, can be more rested. Greater care and prevention of users may have been the key factor.

No signs of this activity have been detected so far, although the network of 50,000 URLs was created to allow communication. Panda Security even says that the worm has not yet been updated to the new version – it would be downloaded today.

Contacted by TeK, José Serrano, of Panda Security in Portugal, explains that the alerts may have served for users to have taken extra care in protecting their equipment, as well as companies and ISPs themselves. Last week, Panda’s antivirus identified 6% of Conficker-related infections, a significant number at a time when most infections did not register a 1% preponderance.

This apparent calm does not mean that Conficker does not reactivate itself, and in the near future new malware may be developed that takes advantage of infected computers. «The problem is that many users do not have the Windows updates installed and do not use anti-virus tools, which is halfway to greater security on the networks», explains José Serrano.

The Microsoft security center also has no updates related to Conficker, the latest data being published on March 27 and referring only to the precautions to be taken to prevent infections and remove Conficker from the PC.