Conditions of access to the iPhone 3G in Europe begin to be known

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Even after the official announcement that confirmed the eminence of an iPhone 3G, Apple’s phone continues to fill newspaper and Internet pages. In the last week several news have unveiled the plans of the different operators to take to customers the new version of the phone. The new iPhone is the first to support the third generation mobile, which will speed up the pace of data communications on the device.

Orange revealed yesterday that it will charge customers 149 euros for the 8 GB model and 199 euros for the 16 GB version. He added that he starts sales on July 17th. Remember that it was within the scope of the agreement signed between the incumbent Frenchman and Steve Jobs’ company that Optimus guaranteed the distribution of the iPhone in Portugal, with no confirmed date to start selling, or prices.

In the case of Orange it is already known that there are several prices for the equipment, which depend on the capacity of the version purchased, but above all on the services associated with the equipment. The lowest prices are associated with packages with more services and the cheapest on sale in prepaid.

Today, O2 has also given clues regarding the price of the equipment in the United Kingdom, through some partners. The information that has been made public indicates that the phone will cost 379 euros in the 8 GB version and 455 euros in the 16 GB version. Prices include 6 months of free WiFi, a service that after that period will cost a minimum of £ 10.

Deutshe Telekom was one of the first companies to reveal plans for the iPhone and stir the market by claiming that it would sell the iPhone for one euro to customers who were willing to sign two-year loyalty plans. Of course, monthly subscription plans are available for free, starting at a minimum value of 69 euros.

Also Vodafone Italy has already reported on the prices it intends to charge with the new model, surprising by the negative, for pointing to values ​​far above those that Apple pointed out as indicative. The company announced on the website that it will sell the equipment without a subscription contract and advances prices of 499 euros for the 8 GB version and 569 euros for the 16 GB version.

An iSuppli report made public this week revealed that production costs for the iPhone itself are cheaper in this second generation, compared to the first. The company estimates that the new model will cost around $ 173 to manufacture, against $ 226 for the original 8 GB model. The value for this new version, 23 percent lower, is explained by the decrease in the price of components, a difference that in some countries will be noticed more than in others.

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