In New Study, Apple Out of Top 10 Patenting Companies in 2018

Condemned to pay almost $ 533 million to Smartflash, Apple could get rid of the penalty without doing anything

See you: the world really takes unimaginable turns.

In early 2015, Apple was ordered to pay almost $ 533 million Smartflash due to the violation of three patents related to iTunes software, the inventions cover data storage and access management through payment systems.

Shortly thereafter, the judge responsible for the case said that the instructions passed on to the jury could, in some way, distort the valuation of the amount and that the amount should be reevaluated.

Well, of the three patents involved in the process, the Bloomberg has now reported that two of them have been invalidated by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. According to the vehicle, a panel of three judges decided that the two patents should never have been approved because the idea of ​​storing and paying for data is an abstract concept, not a specific invention. A few months ago, the Office said the same thing about the third patent involved in the case.

It was good for Apple, right? More or less, after all, the case is not over yet. Smartflash can ask the court responsible for the case or the office's appeals board to reconsider everything. If that doesn't work, the company can still file an appeal with the U.S. Court of Appeals.

Still, I imagine that things are now much more favorable to Apple than Smartflash. These twists, however, are absolutely unpredictable.

[via Patently Apple]