Concertino is a free Apple Music client focused on classical music

Concertino is a free Apple Music client focused on classical music

Lovers of classic music certainly have already suffered, at some point, with the absolute dedication of the services of streaming the system of albums / tracks / compacts that we are used to in the world of popular music. This is obvious: the number of listeners to classical pieces is much smaller, so the big platforms have no interest in building specific sections and adapted for this type of content. What to do, then?

Fortunately, subscribers to the Apple Music now have an excellent option: the Brazilian developer Adriano BrandĂŁo launched this week the Concertino, a web app integrated with the Apple musical platform designed exactly for the reproduction, organization, search and discovery of classical music. And the best: the client is completely free, free and open source!

Concertino, Apple Music web app focused on classical music

Concertino’s operation is based on Open Opus, an API for classical music metadata also created by Brandão (and also free / open for developers). The client combines the API data with Apple Music’s own metadata to classify the works according to the most appropriate parameters for the organization of classical pieces – giving more emphasis, for example, to the composers and listing all the musicians and voices present in a given recording.

This makes listeners’ lives, of course, much easier: it is possible to search for works by composition, genre, period or style, and reproduction respects the multiple movements of a given composition. You can create playlists with complete works or only certain sections and movements, as well as favoring composers and specific periods, for quick access.

In addition, for times when you don’t really know what you want to hear, Concertino has radio stations specially designed for classical music – in them, the works are performed in their entirety and you can choose your options by style, period or composer.

Concertino can be accessed in any browser, whether on desktops (macOS, Windows, ChromeOS or Linux) or mobile devices (iOS and Android). Even though it’s free, it’s good to remember that you need an active Apple Music subscription to enjoy it – anyone who doesn’t subscribe to Apple’s music platform can exploit the client, but not play the compositions. It is worth checking!