Concertino, an Apple Music client focused on classical music, now has its own app

Concertino, an Apple Music client focused on classical music, now has its own app

Last year, we talked here about the Concertino, a Brazilian customer for the Apple Music specially designed for fans of classic music – with organization, usage logic and emphasis on information relevant to this type of production, instead of focusing on popular music, which is the rule on streaming.

At the time, however, the Concertino only existed as a web app – which works very well on computers, but presented some compatibility / operation conflicts that were quite annoying in mobile browsers. Now everything has changed: its developer, Adriano Brandão, recently launched a app official website on the App Store.

Concertino app icon

The operation of the app is very similar to that of its web version: it is possible to browse composers, genre, period and style, in addition to checking the works in alphabetical order. The content is divided in the correct way (in movements or acts, for example) and brings a complete technical sheet of each recording, with credits to the orchestra, conductors, soloists and everything else that applies.

Concertino radio stations, which group works of the same style, are even better in the app: just choose what you want to hear and playback will start automatically on your iPhone or iPad. It is possible, of course, to make playlists with your favorite works or mark favorites in the app itself.

Concertino remains a free and open source application, with its source available on GitHub. It can be downloaded for free from the App Store, but remember that you need an Apple Music subscription to use it to its fullest.