Concert soundtracks in concert

Concert soundtracks in concert

The Campo Pequeno bullring will host an unusual event: a mix between an orchestra concert and a multimedia show. It remains to add that the songs in the alignment are all from soundtracks for video games.

Video Games Live is an itinerant show that will pass through Lisbon next month and despite being only the second visit to Portuguese lands, the project has been on the road since 2005.

In Portugal, the interpretations of the songs of classics such as Tetris, Pong, Super Mario or Pac-Man and of great productions in the style of Halo, World of Warcraft or Tomb Raider will be the responsibility of the Sinfonietta orchestra of Lisbon – which had already given » voice «to electronic games in 2008.

In addition to the music, spectators, willing to pay between 22 and 50 euros for the ticket, can expect almost everything from the night of 27 November: explosions of images and video projections of video games to the rhythm of the concert, a mixture of special effects, lasers and lights, special guests on stage and performances by the project mentor or even the audience, using the famous Guitar Hero guitar.

The selection of themes will also be unpredictable. «One of the ways to ensure the novelty is to have 50 segments prepared. Of these, around 20 are selected for each show,» project co-mentor Jack Wall told Público about the show’s first tour of Portugal.

The event that now runs around the world, and that only this year counts to give 70 concerts, started with a child who played an «invisible guitar» to the music of computer games from the 70’s. The child was Tommy Tallarico, who meanwhile has already created 275 soundtracks for video games. The record is registered in Guiness and is the result of almost 20 years of career as a music composer for this type of formats.