Concepts imagine details of the “Apple Glass” and its operating system

Concepts imagine details of the “Apple Glass” and its operating system

We have already followed several rumors and concepts about the «Apple Glass», the infamous augmented reality device from Apple that may be announced sometime in 2023.

Since the company does not provide details about its future projects, it is up to us to continue speculating and wondering what this gadget would be like – as well as its possible resources. Thinking about it, the designers Jordan Singer and the anonymous the Hacker 34 created new concepts that give life to your expectations for «Apple Glass» and its operating system, called «glassOS» or «rOS».

«Apple Glass»

Responsible for several other very interesting concepts, the YouTube channel the Hacker 34 usually discloses his bets on (possible) future gadgets without much reverie.

In this sense, its new design for the “Apple Glass” is relatively realistic and incorporates current technologies, in addition to other novelties that are not difficult to imagine.

His vision became more intelligent. Introducing Apple Glass. Innovative hardware with double transparent Retina display, G1 chip, advanced LiDAR scanner, all day battery life, fast wireless charging, touch controls or AirSwipe, powered by the most advanced AR rOS operating system and more.

Using and abusing augmented reality features, the designer showed how “Apple Glass” could overlay information, alerts and notifications in the real world. As demonstrated in the video, instead of looking at an iPhone or Apple Watch, the user could get instructions in front of him, interacting with the surrounding environment. All of this, according to the creator, would be resources of the so-called “rOS”, the imaginary operating system of the “Apple Glass”.

At the end of the video, the designer makes a brief reference to a rumor, which surfaced last May, about a possible version of “Apple Glass” in honor of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs – which would have a more round shape, inspired by the accessory Jobs used to wear.

“GlassOS / rOS”

Unlike the the Hacker 34, which named the “Apple Glass” operating system “rOS”, designer Jordan Singer chose a name that follows the pattern of other Apple software: “GlassOS”.

It was not only in the name that the designer was inspired to create his concept, but also in the visual novelties presented by iOS 14. For him, the new interface of the Apple mobile operating system has “compact” elements that display information quickly, something that would be expected in software that will run on a pair of glasses.

With that in mind, he created some images that reflect what some functions of “glassOS” would look like.

For notifications, the concept uses banners inspired by watchOS, which would be displayed in the upper right corner of the field of view.

Similarly, calls and other alerts would also be shown in the corner of the field of view, so users can easily see what’s in front of them.

GlassOS would automatically display widgets based on the user’s routine, as well as the Smart Stacks of iOS 14.