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Concept: What if Touch Bar on a future MacBook Pro extends to form a giant touchpad?

When Apple launched the new MacBook Pro, some questioned the computer's nomenclature, claiming that its "Pro" features were gone. If you had the opportunity to imagine what would be a more professional computer, what would improve on the line we have today (disregarding the number of ports)?

Daniel BrunsteinerAmerican industrial designer, published on Behance a concept of what would be an interesting option for a “MacBook Pro 2018”.

MacBook Pro 2018 Daniel Concept

What if the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro extended and formed a touchpad giant? This question was what guided this concept. Thus, it would allow a large number of new functions while still retaining the main idea of ​​the 2016 MacBook Pro Touch Bar, serving as shortcuts and macro functions.

Common touchpad taking all the keyboard space, there would be enough room for professionals to work with the Apple pencil directly from your computer.

MacBook Pro 2018 Daniel Concept

Allowing Apple Pencil to be compatible with the new MacBook Pro would help creative professionals in their workflow and create new applications for the desktop. touchpad. Using the new MacBook Pro with third-party software such as Adobe Photoshop or Autodesk SketchBook would make it more powerful than ever.

The keyboard, as you have seen so far, would be completely touch sensitive, which for some can make the experience a bit frustrating. So, in order to improve this, the keyboard would consist of the technology Taptic engine, ie it would give tactile answers when touched. In addition, this technology would also help those with low or no vision, as it would be possible to simulate Braille and give feedback to "read the screen" as already happens on iPhones.

Sure enough, the concept is quite different and many would still need to get used to living without a physical keyboard and, I think, Apple would be quite capable of selling a suppressive keyboard part to anyone who wanted the physical keys (any questions?).

Either way, concept concept let the imagination flow. And you, what would you like to see next MacBook Pro?

(tip from Henrique Flix)