Concept: what if iTunes was broken up into 16 different apps? [atualizado]

Concept: what if iTunes was broken up into 16 different apps? [atualizado]

THE iTunes it was originally released in January 2001, adapted from software acquired by Apple in 1998 called SoundJam MP. Since then, there have been 12 great different versions with many changes and new features.

The current version of iTunes is not bad we already had some very heavy / unstable ones, but the software suffers from a chronic problem with the accumulation of functions. What was only a music manager / player nowadays also includes videos, podcasts, apps, stores and so on; not even his name makes more sense. Outside of iTunes, currently, there are only two things: the Mac App Store and iBooks.

Design students at Fachhochschule Potsdam (FH Potsdam, Germany) decided to create a complete concept, imagining what iTunes would look like in 16 (!) Different apps. Just them:

iTunes - AlbumsAlbums: for those who enjoy listening to full albums
iTunes - AppControlAppControl: iOS app management
iTunes - Apple BooksApple Books: browsing and buying ebooks
iTunes - Apple TagsApple Tags: categorize music and filter your library on Windows
iTunes - DemandDemand: explore your personal media
iTunes - DevicesDevices: file sharing between Macs and iGadgets
iTunes - iGeariGear: management and synchronization of music libraries between iGadgets
iTunes - iRadioiRadio: world radio culture, for you to enjoy while using your computer
iTunes - Movie TimeMovie Time: find and rent the latest movie releases
iTunes - MusicFinderMusicFinder: enjoy your entire music library through an intuitive interface
iTunes - PodcastsPodcasts: focused on watching, listening and discovering your next favorite show
iTunes - PushPush: simplifies the process of syncing between your iTunes library and your iOS devices
iTunes - ShowsShows: helps you organize your favorite TV shows and schedule your next episode marathon
iTunes - SimplaySimplay: the simplest way to play your music
iTunes - SyncSync: synchronization and space management of your iGadgets without iTunes
iTunes - VisionVision: browse, find and watch your movies more easily than ever

The basis of the idea itself is to break up the fantastic iTunes and not something new. The guys' work was top notch, but I think they exaggerated a little in the "break up"; some of the new apps designed are already confused. We may not need 16, but about 5-6 apps?

I have long dreamed of the return of iSync to OS X, which would be a dedicated app for you to manage all your apps and content sync with iPads, iPhones and iPods. A Podcasts app is also obvious, since it already exists on iOS. I would leave iTunes only focused on music, either in your local library, on Apple Music or on radio, while another app would be directed to videos (movies and TV shows). IBooks (or Apple Books, as they wanted to call it) would encompass everything related to books, whether in text or audio. Finally, iTunes U also deserved a dedicated Mac app.

So, it would be too beautiful.

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Update · 10/19/2015 s 18:46

After disclosing the above concept, the reader David Costa got in touch saying that he had also been working on a similar idea for a while and that, when he saw our post, he decided to finalize his proposal.

See how it looks:

ITunes division concept, by Davi Costa

For me it is also not perfect (what, after all? :-P), but it already follows a division more in line with what I had suggested. Cool!