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Concept: What could a folding iPhone look like?

It is impossible to imagine such a large release, as Samsung's first folding device, the Galaxy fold, and don't expect people to speculate how Apple would "chase after" the news of its South Korean rival.

Although a folding iPhone is not on the Cupertino giant's agenda (or no, since there is at least one Apple patent covering the subject), the Dutch designer Roy Gilsing wondered what this device would look like in a new concept, as the Foldable.News.

Concept: iPhone X Fold

The imaginary ?IPhone X Fold? a device that just like the new gadget Samsung has two displays: an external (with a screen ratio of 1: 3) and an internal (with a ratio of 2: 3).

Concept: iPhone X Fold

According to Foldable.News, the so-called folding iPhone would seamlessly switch between what they called ?iPhone Mode? and ?iPad Mode? and could also be partially folded to be used as a ?mini notebook? with touchscreen keyboard (a modern version of, say, the Nokia 9000 Communicator, released in 1996).

When folded, the front of the device would still have the upper cutout typical of the new design of the iPhones; In iPad mode, the display would take advantage of the extra end-to-end space with a small dedicated space for the front camera.

Unlike Galaxy Fold, however, the "iPhone X Fold" would be even thinner; Of course, the beauty (or tolerance) of these concepts that they do not take into account the actual technical restrictions of these appliances. As highlighted by 9to5MacThis is what Gilsing imagined something that certainly could not be done today given the number of components that would still need to be developed for it (images further show that this device would be compatible with 5G).

Despite this, the designer expects Apple to design a folding device similar to the concept. For him, "it would be nice to have a screen the size of an iPad (mini) in his pocket" and that "very convenient to make calls and talk with a longer phone."

The design is very similar; would it be the same price, too? ?