Concept video shows how iTunes could better organize iPhone apps

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15 thousand applications downloaded

Since its debut in July last year, App Store it grew alarmingly in size. Of the initial 500 applications, the store now has more than 20 thousand, and that number has been growing very fast.

One of the consequences of this is the difficulty in organizing the applications on the iPhone or iPod touch, as the amount present in the library is constantly increasing.

It was with this in mind that a user prepared a video concept showing how he would solve the problem. For him, the program itself iTunes it should be remodeled, making it possible for us to organize the applications on the iPhone directly from the computer, avoiding a lot of headaches, especially when the firmware is restored.

Check out the video:

As a start, it looks good. But Apple really urgently needs to come up with a new application organization solution. I, for example, have more than 600 applications in my library. ITunes several times “bugou“, Selecting ALL applications, forcing me to choose one by one which would go to the device.

I would suggest a small division by categories, for example, or the possibility to choose favorite applications.

And you, what would be your suggestion for Apple?