Concept shows how iOS 14 would be running on “iPhone 12”

Concept shows how iOS 14 would be running on “iPhone 12”

It has become very common to see designers from all over the world creating concepts, mockups and renders of future Apple hardware and operating systems (some have already been hired by it), but I think never at the current pace.

Who knows if it is a consequence of the quarantine?… ?

Yesterday, the channel the Hacker 34 on YouTube published another video showing how the iOS 14 running on «IPhone 12». Check out:

It is, of course, an evolution of another concept already created by him and covers news such as a split screen mode on the iPhone, widgets on the home screen, new multitasking interface, always on screen, default app settings, window connections, native support for Picture-in-Picture (PiP), emoji bar on the keyboard and more.

I don’t know, no, but if Apple brings us half of that on iOS 14, I’ll be very happy. ? What would you choose as the highest priority? I think I would define standard apps – browser, email client, calendar, etc. I only doubt soooo that Apple would allow changing the virtual assistant, as they show in the video; there is already wanting too much of it, hehe.

via Cult of Mac