Concept sees improvements in the iPadOS 15 home screen

Concept sees improvements in the iPadOS 15 home screen

As I commented in our video on the news for iPadOS 14, watchOS 7 and tvOS 14, the new iOS 14 widgets will arrive on iPads, but will still be restricted to their left side column with the landscape / horizontal start screen. .

The designer Parker Ortolani then decided to imagine how Apple could improve the iPadOS 15 start screen by bringing some of the new features of iOS 14 in a well-adapted way for their tablets.

I spent some time this weekend honing my iPadOS 15 experience concept. I reviewed the modular home screen, rethought the widget selector and application library, introduced a new system menu and also added a customizable Control Center.

That is, Ortolani was not restricted to the idea of ​​freer widgets through the home screen – although he did not present a solution to the problem I mentioned in the video, about how they would be positioned when the iPad was placed in portrait / vertical mode -, but it also brought the Apps Library and a “Pro” menu.

Check out the more detailed concepts in the images below:

After the special focus that Apple gave to the first iPadOS last year, it was a little sad to see these significant novelties arrive this year on iOS 14, but not entirely on iPadOS 14.

The ideal would be for them to arrive like a 14.1, 14.2 or 14.3 update, but unfortunately we know that significant things like that end up being for the big annual upgrades. So, probably, only in version 15 …

What did you think of the designer’s ideas? Would they do something different?