Concept reimagines Apple Music with new social features, including profiles and group playlists

Conceito de atualização do Apple Music por Drew Morris

Even the most fervent defender of Apple Music agree that in terms of social interaction, Apple’s music service eats dust from its main competitor, Spotify.

The Apple platform even has its own set of tools so you can interact with your friends, but nowhere near what the Swedish company offers.

It was exactly with that in mind that the Twitter user Drew Morris envisioned a renewal of Apple Music with a focus on social features.

The news would be profound and would basically transform the platform into a social network – starting with a profile page for each user, showing their musical preferences, most heard artists, usage statistics and playlists.

Apple Music update concept by Drew Morris

Today I realized two things: social distance makes it harder to listen to music with other people, and Apple Music needs an update.

I did this concept trying to solve both.

Users want to understand their listening habits and they want to share their experiences.

Apple Music update concept by Drew Morris

The bottom navigation bar would gain the tab «Connect», where users could check out recent news from the platform (like live streams from artists), the music their friends are listening to, and the collaborative playlists created by them.

Apple Music update concept by Drew Morris

In addition, the platform would receive support for group playlists, by which you could invite your friends and family to collaborate on a music list (great for parties or meetings, for example).

Finally, the “Listening Parties” it would allow you to “stream” music to other profiles, so that everyone would listen (and edit the playlist) at the same time – a feature inspired by social distance measures, of course.

Apple Music update concept by Drew Morris

So, what did you think? ?

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Version 1.3.6 (2.2 MB) Requires iOS 10.0 or superior

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