Concept proposes a new menu for the iPad with Finder features

Concept proposes a new menu for the iPad with Finder features

While a series of concepts released in the last few days focused on the iOS 14, given the “leak” of codes from Apple’s thriving mobile operating system, other people decided to diversify the scope of these productions a little more.

One such example is that of the young Alexander Käßner, who created a concept for a new menu for iPadOS as part of his bachelor’s thesis.

Called «Main Menu», it was created to “improve usability and bring more professional applications to the iPad” with the deployment of Finder – without losing, of course, the aspects of a mobile device.

This concept takes the main Mac menu, which we know and love, to the iPad. It maintains the numerous advantages of a written menu, redesigned with touch devices in mind. THE Main Menu iPad helps bring a large amount of resources to iPadOS for people looking for that power, keeping the operating system accessible for users who prefer a simpler experience.

The menu would take on the characteristics / functions of each currently active app, and could be accessed via the Dock or by a touch of three fingers on the iPad screen. According to the designer, it would not only display the most used functions, but could also support navigation through fixed / floating submenus.

Main Menu on the home screen

As you can see, the menu itself would offer several app controls, such as quick access to settings, options for exporting / saving, text editing and more. For the happiness of fans of Apple keyboard cases, such as the Smart Keyboard Folio, the menu would also be compatible with shortcuts.

Main Menu and Magic Keyboard on iPad

You can’t think about the iPad without remembering its special gestures / views (Slide Over and Split View); therefore, Käßner envisioned that the menu would also offer compatibility with the split-screen feature – in which case, users could switch between the menus of each application from a slider at the top of the menu.

Split View in the Main Menu

Check out the full concept in the following video:

Even if it doesn’t become a native feature of the iPadOS, there remains the idea (and the design), which would certainly be very well received by the owners of Apple tablets.

What did you think?

via 9to5Mac