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Concept: MacBook Pro with Borderless Screen, Face ID and Rounded Corners

No one is really expecting Apple to update the design of the MacBooks Pro in the near future, considering that the last event of its kind happened two and a half years ago, and it's not Ma's way to change the look of her computers at such short intervals.

Concept for MacBook Pro 2019

Still, yesterday's statement by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that the company was about to launch a new or 16-inch version of the newly designed MacBook Pro later this year rekindled flames of hope in every heart of the game's lover. Mac

So the designer Viktor Kadar shared a concept of what this new design might look like.

The concept abandons the straight edges that have always characterized the line, instead adopting a rounded design that most resembles the late white MacBook. In Kadar's imagination, we have two models (13 and 15 inches) with Super Retina screens, also with rounded edges, that extend to the extreme of their respective surfaces, making the machines much more compact and elegant.

Concept for MacBook Pro 2019

We will also have here the first application of what Kadar calls the “hidden Face ID” that is, a TrueDepth camera inserted behind the screen capturing your facial information to unlock the machine, eliminating the need for clipping. The Touch Bar, in turn, would incorporate the Haptic Feedback for “physical” responses to commands.

The concept page (which, by the way, looks extremely professional) brings other specs of the imagined machines, like Apple's own six and eight-core processors, up to 128GB DDR5 RAM and 8TB SSD storage, four Thunderbolt 4-capable ports from connecting the machines to up to two 8K monitors, revamped keyboard with new “format memory” technology and up to 16 hours of battery life.

Concept for MacBook Pro 2019

Obviously, we are talking about a very optimistic wish list: even if there are technical conditions to create such a machine, the cost would certainly be prohibitive, and we here in Brazil will have to sell not only one, but both kidneys to buy it. .

Still, it doesn't hurt to dream, isn't it?

via 9to5Mac