Concept: “iPhone Z” Unfolds Three to Flip an iPad

Concept: “iPhone Z” Unfolds Three to Flip an iPad

Here in the , we like to highlight concepts and mockups grounded in reality and with a feel of "good, Apple can really do something like this in the near future". This one definitely at the one of them and no less intriguing.

Russian company Caviar recently posted its concept for a so-called “IPhone Z”, which, as its name suggests, takes some inspiration from recent folding smartphones like the Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X to imagine a version Cupertinian (and, if you may allow me, very crazy) of the same idea.

The "iPhone Z" would have not one but two folds on its screen that, when deployed, would have a total size of 10.2 inches and an almost 3: 2 aspect ratio of an iPad. Closed in three, the device would have a 6.6 inch front screen with 20: 9 aspect ratio.

The idea would bring some benefits, such as a so-called "notebook mode" that would fold the screens to have a slanted portion, and another called a "TV mode", in which two thirds of the screen would be up for the user to watch movies or series. As for the extremely tacky golden finish with "diamonds" good, I like no arm.

Other specifications include on-screen Face ID and Touch ID, triple rear camera and USB-C. According to Caviar, such a model would not come out "for less than 2,900 euros", which without taxes or fees would give about $ 13,000. What about?

via Cult of Mac