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Concept: “iPhone 12 Pro SUPER” eliminates notch and has five cameras

At the beginning of the month, we talked about a concept of iOS 14 that was already very futuristic for the current stage of software development at Ma. Now instead of wondering what the next generation of iPhones might look like, and the designer Hasan Kaymak It was also inspired by some advanced features that, if really adopted next year, would mean quite a breakthrough!

Christened of ?IPhone 12 Pro SUPER?, the concept presents (as in many others we have released) the end of the iPhone's front cut, also known as notch. To make this possible, the designer suggests that the next-generation front camera be installed under the display, a technology already adopted by some manufacturers, such as OPPO.

Like current releases, Kaymak imagines that Ma will introduce three devices by 2020, but with 6 ?, 6.3 ? and 6.7 ? displays apparently not the way to go, but let's not go into those details. In addition, he believes that future models will feature a USB-C port something that has also been speculated for some time, although unlikely.

Perhaps one of the most advanced features illustrated by the designer is the camera: we are talking about a system with five lens 108MP and opening /1.7. Thus, the rear camera system of the device would gain ToF-type 3D sensors, which has also been quite speculated.

Remember that sensors over 100MP are not uncommon in smartphones Samsung and Xiaomi already presented gadgets 100MP and 108MP; However, assuming the iPhone currently has 12MP, the jump in pixel count from one model to another would be surprisingly impossible.

Going a little further into the video, the designer provides a 360-degree view of the imagined ?iPhone 12 Pro SUPER?, showing that the device could adopt a more square-shaped format (resembling the iPhone 4 and iPads Pro), as well as replacing the rectangular shape of the Play / Silent button for a more rounded one.

In fact, the designer has gathered several rumors that are already raging about possible news on iPhones to create the concept in question; however, it has left some possibilities aside, such as the addition of Touch ID under the screen.

So, is the iPhone 12 Pro SUPER approved?

via iClarified