Concept imagines what “macOS 11” would look like, with design following iOS and universal apps

The rumor about apps becoming universal on Apple's systems has stirred our imagination, since it would be (will be?) A change and would either allow a single app to run on both iOS and macOS.

This information touched the designer's imagination even more lvaro Pabesio, which created a concept to idealize what would be the next operating system for Apple computers, the likely "MacOS 11".

MacOS 11 concept

From the idea of ​​using unique apps for iOS and macOS, this concept goes far beyond just rethinking apps. In fact, the designer completely reinvented the Mac system to be adapted to the iOS model, starting with the menu bar. If you look closely, you will notice that the iconic "banner" that permeates the entire top of the screen today has been replaced by a simple menu with minimized information on the top left and, on the left, it would look something like a Control Center, identical to iOS.

In addition, all applications including native ones would adapt to the iOS display scheme, with the same designs and functions. The Finder, the App Store (no longer a store for Mac apps only) and iTunes that would be called "Music", as in its mobile version would also be modified, containing a new design even more minimalist and a new sidebar.

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The Photo Booth app would be renamed only to “Camera”, following iOS, with the same options and design as the mobile device. In Messages, it would be possible to create and reproduce Animojis, send message effects, GIFs, as well as access the apps within it Apple Pay, games, etc. , just like on iOS.

For those who like it, there would also be the possibility to use a Dark Mode completely, in all apps. Siri would also receive improvements, becoming proactive, always listening and suggesting apps, actions, and more.

A new Settings panel would be better organized and its cones would all be modified, so that they are even more similar to mobile devices. A very welcome new option would also be available in the Settings: in "Devices", it would be possible to manage all your Ma devices on your computer, from iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs, AirPods and HomePods.


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Some options are cool and not so, shall we say, impossible to arrive some day; however, if Ma is really going to turn her Macs' operating system into a basically mobile iPhone, the other story. But, anyway, always very cool to imagine.

Check out the entire project on the Behance page.

via 9to5Mac