Concept imagines what an Apple Watch with circular design would look like

Concept imagines what an Apple Watch with circular design would look like

THE Apple Watch design it evolved from its first generation to here, especially at the turn of the Series 3 to the 4, with the arrival of larger screens and with rounded corners. But nothing too drastic.

In a new concept recently released on YouTube, we see a very bold proposal: what would a “Apple Watch Series 6” with your box in circular shape?

The idea itself is not revolutionary at all, of course. First, conventional round watches have been around since I know myself; according to which, obviously, other smartwatch manufacturers have already experimented with circular models – such as Moto 360 (from Motorola) and Gear S3 (from Samsung).

Personally, I find circular watches more beautiful than square ones; on the other hand, it is undeniable that there is a beautiful waste of area there, which culminates in a more limited experience due to the fact that the canvas is round. Just use any of these existing round smartwatches to understand that.

Unlike other concepts that always pop up here and there, this one isn’t even based on rumors – that is, there is no information running around about the possibility of Apple launching a round Watch (although the adoption of a microLED screen has already been speculated). It is just a proposal created by any designer, which may never come true.

But until the next Apple Watch lasts 48 hours on a charge it wouldn’t be bad, right?

via All Things Apple