Concept imagines how the new Tempo app with Dark Sky elements could be

Conceito do app Tempo

It didn’t take long for the news about the acquisition of the weather app Dark Sky by Apple generated some expectations here and there… more than that, the novelty made some people imagine a possible redesign of the app Time (Weather) native to iOS.

With that in mind, the designer Parker Ortolani created a concept that shows what Apple’s weather app would look like with elements of Dark Sky.

So, I made several adjustments to my concept for Time. It looks like a good opportunity to take advantage of SF Rounded. I also refined the icons, colors and layout. Redesigned the pagination and made the data boxes more similar to iOS 13. Added ºC / ºF alternation and favorite places.

Dark Sky is known for providing detailed information on weather, with updated data, advanced maps, real-time notifications, etc. In his concept, Ortolani shows how Apple could benefit from this and, at the same time, maintain the characteristics of the current app.

In this sense, the designer imagines a more clean without the colorful and animated backgrounds of the Tempo app (introduced in iOS 7); instead, it would adapt more to the iOS 13 light and dark themes. As for functionality, the app would show a more detailed forecast with graphs, radar with temperature, precipitation and wind speed data, as it already exists.

Weather app concept

Another interesting feature that could be adopted, coming from Dark Sky, is the weather notification, so that users do not have to check the app manually all the time.

Remember that the Tempo app is only available for iPhone and Apple Watch, while Dark Sky is also available for iPad. So, if there is even a change, this could be the opportunity for Apple to make its weather app available on more platforms – whether for iPadOS or macOS, through Mac Catalyst.

So, what did you think?

via 9to5Mac