Concept for “iPhone 11” brings straight design, triple camera and “PowerDrop” feature

Concept for “iPhone 11” brings straight design, triple camera and “PowerDrop” feature

It looks like it was yesterday, but kidding, kidding, we’re already in April and therefore the iPhones of 2018 have already spent half their lives as Apple’s flagships. Their replacements are expected to appear there in September, and until then, designers put their heads to work and imagine what these new Cupertino creations will be like. Gunho Lee is one of them.

To the channel ConceptsiPhone, the designer created his own concept for the “IPhone 11” taking into account the rumors already circulating about the device – and also adding some preferences of its own, such as the new “straight” design, reminiscent of the iPhone 5 and the new iPad Pro.

The “iPhone 11”, in Lee’s imagination, would bring the much-talked about triple camera, but not in that boxy layout that has been ventilated: instead, the sensors would be arranged vertically, as in current models; to free up space, the flash would come out of this internal module and become an oblong piece, surrounding the cameras. More harmonic, isn’t it?

Other features or accessories of the device would include USB-C input instead of Lightning (something refuted today by a new rumor), the new generation of Face ID (which would be able to capture the user’s face at any angle), the back of the Touch ID with a sensor built into the screen (Apple has patents covering this) and an external battery module called “AirBattery”, which would connect magnetically to the back of the iPhone.

IOS would also receive news, such as a new mode Split View for iPhones (today it only exists for iPads) and apps for the new services featured in last month’s keynote: Apple Arcade and Apple TV +. We would also have a technology called “PowerDrop” that, as you can imagine, would bring to iPhones the technology (already present in devices in the Android world) of bilateral wireless charging.

The “iPhone 11” and “iPhone 11 Max” would maintain the current screen sizes, with 5.8 and 6.5 inches, and would also bring 6GB of RAM. Lee also showed what his idea of ​​a possible “iPhone 11R” would look like, which would have the same basic design as the two most expensive models but would keep the colors alive and the vocation to be a (relatively) cheaper device.

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via 9to5Mac