Concept for iOS 12 brings long-requested features like Dark Mode, new volume control and group notifications

It seems that, every week, popcorn on the internet a new concept of iOS 12 with resources that we asked for the mobile operating system from Ma eras which, at the very least, is a testament to the willingness of users to see the platform moving forward and gaining features that are already seen on the other side of the wall.

Of course, it is impossible and unwise to cover all of these concepts, but sometimes it paints to put one or another idea that catches our attention and deserves a space here on the site. the case of this new work by designers from iOS News And More.

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The iOS 12 imagined by the team already starts differently, with a more functional lock screen: just slide your finger under the front camera to get weather information.

Face ID, in the team's idea, could unlock iPhone automatically, instead of requiring a slide on the screen.

J as notifications would be grouped by app (as it has already become a standard in concepts).

"iOS "iOS

Incoming calls would appear on the screen more discreetly, at the top of the interface.

In addition, a new feature called Notification Dots (Notification Points) would display colored dots (according to the app) on the offline screen to notify you of the receipt of notifications.

"iOS "iOS

The home screen would look cleaner, with all the application names removed (which, in the opinion of the one who writes you, may be even more visually pleasing, but it compromises usability a lot).

The sound control would also be much more elegant with a new element called Sound Bar (sound bar), which would appear at the top of the interface when pressing the volume buttons (with a very good use of the frontal clipping).

"iOS "iOS

We also have new features here: Guest Mode (Guest Mode) would highlight applications that users would have access to; meanwhile, Face ID could be used to block individual applications.

The watch would gain support for multiple timers and, in the App Store, we will have the return of the infamous Wishlist.

The iPhone would also gain support for the mode Split View (Split Screen), inherited from the iPad.

O Safari it would receive a discreet store bath, with the URL / search bar moved to the bottom of the interface and a series of quick access icons at the top; The Crab it would be smarter, faster and offline.

The application Camera it would also receive news, such as easier access to adjustments and the possibility to pause video recording; O FaceTime, in turn, would be even more deeply renovated, with support for calls with up to four people at a time.

"iOS "iOS

Another party rice of concepts for iOS 12 is present here: a dark mode which would bring an almost completely black interface, smoother to the eyes and, at least in this preliminary presentation, quite elegant.

The team also took the opportunity to take an idea from Samsung and create the App Bar (Application Bar), a carousel of applications accessible on any screen by pressing and dragging the screen from its right end.

The designer team admits that probably few of these new features will actually make it to iOS 12 already certain that the new version of Ma's mobile operating system will focus much more on stability improvements and bug fixes than on introducing new ones.

resources and makeup.

Still, fun to imagine what could become true of the ideas presented what do you think?

via iClarified